Frequently Asked Questions

General order information

How will my Electronic Publication (PDF or ePub) be delivered?

A separate email with download instructions is sent shortly after an order is processed. The email is generally sent within 10 minutes of your order, but could take up to 1 hour during busy periods. Please check your SPAM filter to ensure the email wasn’t blocked.

To have the email resent, forward your Order Confirmation e-mail to noting the product(s) you haven't received.

See Who should I contact for more options.

How will my WoodWorks Software be delivered?

The software can be downloaded from the CWC website ( at any time.

Instructions on how to activate the software can found below. See “How do I get an Activation Code (Keycode) for my WoodWorks software”.

For help with your order, activating your software or for technical support, see: Who should I contact?

What’s in the Order Confirmation email?

An order confirmation email will be sent shortly after an order is placed confirming the items you purchased, the prices, as well as taxes and shipping charges (if applicable).

If you haven’t received the email, check that it wasn’t blocked by a SPAM filter and that your email address was entered properly.
See Who should I contact if you can’t find it.

Why was my order put on hold?

Orders will be put on hold if the total exceeds your credit limit with CWC. See: Who should I contact for General help with online orders.


WoodWorks Software

How do I get an Activation Code (keycode) for my WoodWorks software?

To receive your activation code (keycode), launch the software and email the Software ID (bottom of keycode prompt screen) to

Keycodes are distributed Monday to Friday - 7:30 am - 3:30 pm (EST)
In the meantime, you can use “DEMO” as the keycode.

Please note that you will not be able to save or print your work while in “Demo” mode. Publications (Books, PDFs, ePubs)


Publications (Books, PDFs, ePubs)

What’s the difference between PDFs and ePubs?

PDFs offer a password encrypted digital version of our publication that can be read using Adobe Acrobat reader. Download the free Acrobat Reader from

ePubs offer a better experience in reading and manipulating the publication. ePubs also make the publication available almost anywhere – online using a PC or Mac and mobile devices.

ePubs require the Vital Source Bookshelf application (online, desktop or mobile edition) to redeem and then view any purchased publication. Get the Bookshelf application here:

How can ePubs be viewed?

Purchased ePubs can be viewed online at or by downloading the VitalSource Bookshelf application to your PC, MAC, IOS or Android.

Can ePubs be printed?

Yes, ePubs can be printed 2 pages at a time. If you need large sections of the book on paper, we suggest purchasing our paper edition of the publication.

How many copies of an ePub can I have?

Purchased ePubs can be downloaded on 2 computers (ex: laptop/desktop or office/home) using the Desktop Bookshelf application and 2 mobile devices using the Mobile Bookshelf App. You can also access your ePubs using the online Bookshelf on a computer with Internet access.

Can I print a PDF?

Yes, PDFs can be printed for your own use, but distribution of any content of a CWC Publication without written consent is strictly prohibited.

All CWC Publications are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada.

Can I copy a PDF?

You are allowed to save a copy of the PDF for backup purposes.

Distributing the PDF is prohibited as all CWC Publications are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada.

Why is CWC moving from PDFs to ePub format?

Mobility: ePubs can be read easily from almost anywhere… Computers, Mobile devices or anything connected to the Internet!

Features:ePubs offer new features such as highlights, note taking and better reading options using the Online, Desktop and Mobile Bookshelf app.

Rentals: ePubs offer the option of “Renting” a book for a specific time period (ex: 6 months or 1 year) at a discounted price.


Who should I contact?

For general help with your online order (webstore or credit card issues), contact us by

Telephone: (613) 747-5544 x223 or

For inquiries about an online purchase of a PUBLICATION or MAGAZINE, contact us by

Email: or
Telephone: (613) 747-5544 x223

For inquiries related to the purchase of WoodWorks Software - including obtaining an activation code “keycode” - contact us by

Email: or
Telephone: 800-844-1275 x1

For technical support with WoodWorks Software, contact us by

Email: or
Telephone: 800-844-1275 x2